Tibetan meal


Living on high altitude where green vegetables are a luxury has made the Tibetans adapt to a unique meal according to the biological needs and geographical conditions. Tsampa (roasted barley flour) is the staple food of Tibet. Tibetans consume Tsampa with salted butter tea, and make a dough of it called ‘pak’. Due to scarcity of vegetables Tibetan nomads depend on meat. Nomads depend on meat of yak, goat, or sheep, often dried or cooked in a spicy broth with potatoes. They also eat dairy products like yoghurt and dry cheese made from the milk of Dri (female yak).


Fiche Recipe 1 : The Momos (steamed dumplings)

Fiche Recipe 2 : The Tsampa or "pak" (Préparation for breakfast)

Fiche Recipe 3 : The salted butter tea