Environment Friendly

We strive to produce commodities that are environment friendly by avoiding plastics and hydrocarbons as much as possible. Our packagings materials are made from cardboard and paper. We use recycled paper in all our correspondence with clients and other written communications. Our paper bears FSC mark  (Forest Stewardship Council).

Natural Products

We have developed a specific brand for our meditation products (GOM) that use natural materials. Our meditation cushions are made from natural fiber (cotton) and kapok (plant fiber). Our incense and fragrance products are made ​​from plants and minerals that are 100% natural. More than 30 natural and organic ingredients are used to manufacture these incense products. Our tea is grown using organic methods that guarantee an experience of natural taste and purity.

Our products are manufactured in India and Nepal by Tibetan artisans and artists who specialize in very specific areasWoodcarvingbronze sculpture, thanka painting, jewelrytextilesetc. ... These skilled craftsmen are committed to preserve the ancient tradition and know-how of their various forms of art.  All their workfollow traditional methods and means that have been followed over centuries as per Tibetan culture and Buddhism.
We also help some individual families who rely on sale of incence products for their livelihood. We basically act as their retailer with no commission or profit. We have known these families over many years.