Tibetan stress incense

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Sorig tibetan product.
In this fast degenerating era, people tend to become short sighted and indulge in unhealthy excess of mental and physical activity, improper eating & sleeping habits, sexual misconduct or excess, which results in the disturbance of rlung energy. This stress incense is specially formuled as per Tibetan ancient Aroma formulation text "Gyud-shi" by Dr. Yuthok Yonthen Gonpo in 7 th century to balance this vital energy.

Ingredients : Bombax Ceiba, Chrysanthmom sp. Rhodila sp. extract.
Direction : Use like ordinary incense or directly inhaling the fumes in case of emergency.Disclaimer : This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.
Quantity: about 24 sticks.
Weight : 98 g.

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