Our society

Our society


The Tibet Art Society has been working for over ten years preserving and promoting Tibetan culture. Dorjee Sangpo, a trained Tibetan thangka painter, founded the society with a mission to educate the French people about the rich cultural heritage of Tibet. Tibet Art participates in fairs, festivals, exhibitions on Tibetan culture and Himalayan peoples.


The preservation of Tibetan culture

By purchasing items on the site, you make a gesture towards the Tibetan people. Our company is committed to artists, artisans Tibetan so that they can live their work and also contribute to the preservation of their culture.



We strive to produce commodities that have traditional significance and that don’t harm the environment. Textiles, incense, tea are mostly made from natural products, in some cases organic (cotton, tea, unprotected wood, etc ...). Some of our products are labelled (Farming-AB-, Fair Trade). We encourage traditional craftsmen and artists by helping them in selling their products to our clients and at fairs.